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What Ingredients are used in the products?
We use both organic and natural ingredients in our recipes. Organic food items have not been sprayed with chemical fertilizers, pesticides or harmful preservatives. Natural food items are not altered chemically or synthesized in any form. Our products offer the best of both worlds. We are always researching the best suppliers to ensure our customers have high quality ingredients in each product.

Do your products have any fragrance added?
Our products develop their own scent through the essential oils that are utilized. We also understand that some customers may prefer fragrance in their products. We do offer products with fragrance again using the best grade of ingredients to ensure we are providing a high quality product for our customers. Products that contain a fragrance are labeled accordingly.

What is a specialty sugar scrub?
Our organic specialty sugar scrubs are made of a blend of natural fruit and herbal plants that blend together creating a special aroma complimented by an essential oil. They are inspired by the season and therefore are available for a limited time. A new specialty scrub will be created when the stock is sold out. The popularity of the specialty scrub will determine if it is offered again.

Can the scrubs or butters cure my medical conditions?
Essential oils are known to have healing qualities. However, we do not guarantee cures for any type of medical condition. Please always consult your physician for medical issues. The internet has loads of information that can give you details on the use of essential oils. We follow the recommended guidelines for use of essentials within our products.

Why are the products grouped in categories?
We recognize our customers have a variety needs of which we have identified by categorizing our products. Customers can select the products depending on their individual preference. The products that we create will vary. We will expand our product offering within the categories as we continue to learn more about blending essential oils and the positive effects of aromatherapy.

What is a customized product?
We offer customized products for customers who may have unique skin care needs or request a special blend of aromatherapy. Customized orders are priced according to the ingredients utilized.

What is the cost and standard shipping time-frame?
Shipping cost is calculated and delivery time is determined when the geographic location is captured within the order. Our Shipping rates are standard USPS Flat Rate Priority International and Domestic shipping rates with standard USPS shipping options and tracking provided. Non-customized products should arrive within 7 business days. Customized orders may take longer depending on the ingredients needed to create the product. Customers who place customized products will be notified of the approximate delivery time frame.

What form of payment do you accept?
On-line orders can be paid for with the listed form of payment as well as pay pal invoice. Applicable sales tax does apply.

What if my product arrives damaged?
We offer gift certificates or replacement products on damaged orders only. We do not offer monetary refunds. All damaged orders must be returned within 7 days of receipt. The product must be returned unused in its original container.

Are your products tested on animals?
Our products are not tested on animals nor do we use harmful chemicals.

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