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It was December 2015 right after Christmas, I decided to have a goal planning workshop with my children. I even put a title to it, “Berry Kids Business Academy.” My son finished his first term of college very successfully academically and athletically. My daughter was working at the place for Smiles at the time. I had been working on my business learning everything that I could to become a successful entrepreneur and an expert in my field. As I poured all of this information into my brain, I began to think that my kids could benefit greatly from my learnings as well.

I told them to pick a date for us to have a half day workshop. And just like that the Berry Kids Business Academy was born complete with PowerPoint Presentation and a set of worksheets to go along with the material I would teach them! We spent time writing down all of their goals and created a path to achieve their goals. I remember my daughter being frustrated because she had so many goals that she wanted to achieve and she just couldn’t figure out how to put them into what she thought was a sensible and manageable order.

We took time to sort through her goals. I showed her how to put them into categories and create a path to begin working toward her dreams! Fast forward to December 2016, we are in AWE at the many blessings that have started to manifest! Prayer, mindset change, relentlessness and implementation regardless of any barrier that presented itself. The result a National Footlocker Commercial with Kyrie Irving. How? She was prepared. Everything she had done throughout the year prepared her for this moment. No shortcuts just preparation and focus!

Often times when we are trying to accomplish our goals in pursuit of our passion we become impatient and give up! We look for instant success instead of embracing the process. For it is in the process that we learn and become prepared for the road that lies ahead! I am all smiles watching my daughter because I know and appreciate her process! What is your process? Don’t take short cuts! Start with a solid foundation and never stop building! Congralutations Janaya! Blessings on her IG @sweetestberryy! Enjoy the commercial everyone!

Kids Foot Locker featuring Kyrie Irving - "Not So Different"

In our new Holiday spot, Kyrie Irving meets a young fan that he has more in common with than you might think. #GOBIG with Nike gear at Kids Foot Locker this season!

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